Do You Like to Do It Yourself?

Sorry I’ve been MIA for such a long time. It’s been a month. For my five loyal readers out there, I haven’t abandoned you. I hope you didn’t feel neglected.

There are tons of Youtube videos and Pinterest pictures of DIY tutorials for hair and makeup and arts & crafts. There’s an abundance of these things.

It’s like everybody knows how to do it themselves.

While I appreciate their generosity of step-by-step instructions, I feel like they may be leaving minute details out because I never get the desired result! I can’t possibly be the only person lurking the internet for easy steps who is incapable of following simple instructions. Am I?

DIY top knot

hair supplies

doing it myself 2

doing it myself 3

DIY top knot

doing it myself 4

doing it myself 5

doing it myself 6

doing it myself 7 DIY top knotdoing it myself 7

DIY top knot

doing it myself 8


12 thoughts on “Do You Like to Do It Yourself?

  1. I feel your pain seestar. Here is a comparison of my fitted sheet folding versus Jenna’s. I spent 45 minutes watching Martha Stewart’s “how to fold a fitted sheet” youtube video and this my finished product. She’s a liar.

    • Haha–stop trolling! I already saw this on your facebook (just kidding). But, in all seriousness: Martha Stewart is a wizard–a sorceress. And those elastic bedsheets are terrible, I’m utterly incompetent and I just throw them in the closet. Why even bother?

  2. I genuinely had this happen to me the other day where I was watching Cherry Doll on YT do her hair in a beautiful ’50s curl… thing. It was awesome, so I thought I’d try it. No word of a lie, I literally burned the skin on the underside of my fringe, and now I couldn’t do lovely curls even if I wanted to because I have a big red lump of burned skin sticking out of my face which I need to hide at all costs.

    • Oh, I burn myself pretty much all the time. I don’t get it. Perfectly coiffed hair makes no sense–I just have a nest on top of my head. I hope your burn mark goes away. I have no remedies to help speed the process, but maybe if you paint the rest of your face red too nobody will notice the burn mark?

  3. Those stupid top knots. So deceiving. I’ve definitely had this post play out numerous times…still don’t really know how to do it? It’s equally (possibly more) frustrating when the non crucial steps are super detailed (yes, we all know how to put our hair in a ponytail) but then the ones that matter are vague.

    • Can you imagine how lost I am when it comes to actual updos? Like the kinds for weddings? Utterly hopeless! Ugh, what are we going to do with ourselves?? We can’t even replicate a simple bun! [Cue the tiny violin].

  4. Oh my god, my friend and I literally just had this experience on a Friday night a few weeks ago and I just showed her this post during class a few minutes ago and we both burst into laughter so hard we started crying. In the middle of cell biology.

    • This is great! Well, I mean it’s not great that you two aren’t competent either, but I’d like to believe it isn’t our faults. So this is great that there are literally a dozen of us out there! (Maybe just 5 . . .)

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