Why is Everyone Searching For Farts?

Recently I came across that feature on WordPress that tells you what people are searching for. (Totally Big Brother-ing you all! No, not really. Curiosity finally got me though. Sorry if you feel like I trespassed on your searching privacy). I’m not really sure what the purpose of it is, or how to use it efficiently. But I did find it incredibly insightful and . . . well, amusing.

So, let me share my findings with you. Most people are looking for nerf guns for little boys. It’s kind of cool that toys from my childhood haven’t gone out of style. Neat.

But then there are some outliers–and I love outliers. I don’t know if it’s because this blog is low brow humor, or what. But here’s a question for you Internetters: Why in the e-World is “fart in face” part of your search string???

And it’s not just one person–unless it’s one person searching various combinations of “fart” . . .

Well, I just want to show you all the different search phrases people have used so that you don’t think I’m making this up. And maybe this is normal, typical searching behavior. But, here goes:

Search String 1

Search String 2

Search String 3

Search String 4

Not Sure If

I mean, it seems like one fart search too many, if you ask me. I don’t even have a T-rex farting on my blog . . . I’m not entirely sure what this means. Or if it means anything at all. But, I guess, you know what they say . . .

Oh Well

I can give some people what they’re looking for. And I guess what they’re looking for are farts in their little girls’ faces . . .



3 thoughts on “Why is Everyone Searching For Farts?

  1. I find this feature too funny! I am always shocked by some of the search queries. Here are some of mine:
    “how can i cheat with my ti36x pro”
    “jiggly girls sakura” = 3 searches?
    “video chatwith hot girls”
    I’m sure they were really disappointed when they found my blog.

    The spam comments also crack me up. I have spam comments on a media attachment page (pictures embedded in the post). The spam comments on that page are always complimenting me on my writing… What writing?

    I definitely think you need to capitalize on the fart in girl face jokes. 😉

  2. Well I’m always searching for that sort of thing because I have a fart fetish so I guess farts are just whats IN these days.

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