#27. I Love You Even Though . . .

you keep used kleenex in your pants pockets, in your coat pockets, in the car cup holder, on your desk, on your nightstand, on my desk, on my nightstand . . . you do know it is OK to use brand new ones, right?

Kleenex on desk

Kleenex on nightstand

Kleenex in pockets



2 thoughts on “#27. I Love You Even Though . . .

  1. Hello, I am just a random internet stranger, who just wandered on to your site searching for pictures of brothers farting in faces.

    I do believe this person is very clever, especially in the last scenario. Runny nose? Just shove your hands in your pockets! tissue galore! and they are trying to recycle, reduce, reuse! what a guy!

    However, I do agree that one should definitely keep better accountability of the wontons they leave lying around.

    In conclusion, it is a relief that these people can be loved despite their blatant disregard for trash cans.

    • Oh, hello random internet stranger! It’s funny that you also call used kleenex “wontons”–I know someone else who refers to them that way also! Guess it’s more common than I thought 🙂

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