Fancy Pants and Vegetables

So, the other week I was at the local grosh (which is not what anybody calls the grocery store–I thought I’d try it out, but that won’t happen again on this blog; I am so sorry), and I waltzed my way through the fresh produce aisle(s).

Here I came across the highly sophisticated brother of the zucchini: fresh fancy zucchini, which is not to be mistaken for regular zucchini. No, sir–not that plain old joe.

With a name like that I was expecting it to be dressed with a top hat, perhaps a suit? A tie?

Well here’s a shock: it was green. And naked. Much like the offensive, peasant-food zucchini. (Kidding).

There’s no real point to this post other than I had never seen fancy zucchini nor had I known of its existence.

Fancy zucchini



P.S. I am aware that some people might think this vegetable looks very similar to some human appendage that not all humans have (hint: I’m talking about a penis–is that word OK for the internet? I’m not entirely sure . . .), but don’t worry, they’re just zucchinis! It’s a cartoon picture that is meant to be a cute representation of real life vegetables! Ok, thanks. I was really worried that you might start labeling this NSFW.


One thought on “Fancy Pants and Vegetables

  1. Regarding the P.S.: wasn’t thinking that until you mentioned it. Your picture reminded me more of veggie tales, actually. Except that tomatoes are actually fruit, but that’s okay.

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