#1. I Love You Even Though . . .

your decisions aren’t always logical. 



[A/N: My apologies for the long absence. I keep meaning to add a new post, but the Christmas season keeps getting to me first. Whoops!

I just helped my brother with a project for his wife (my sister-in-law), and they gave me a good idea and a challenge: to do an “I love you even though . . .” post once a day. Like a spin off the “Love is . . .” comic.

These won’t be in replacement of real posts (real, as in, whatever mundane thing crops up in my daily life), but they’ll be fillers until I can sit down and bust out the picture storyboards. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these a little bit . . . like a really bad one-liner joke. No? Alright.

Well, I have a proposal, if anybody would like to contribute their own “I love you even though . . .” statement, leave it in a comment and I will gladly add it to the list of things to draw.

Happy holiday season!]



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