Bug Off Already

If there is one thing I cannot stand it’s bugs. (That’s kind of a lie, I can’t stand a lot of things . . .) Insects are just the absolute worst–they’re the worst! Tiny little pests invading your home. Crawling all over your wall. Underneath your bed. On you dresser. In your bathtub. Is nothing […]

Have You Had Enerf Yet?

As a child, I was so sweet. So shy. So good. I was never any trouble, never got into any trouble–I was pretty easy to handle. I’m the youngest of three (the only girl). My brothers were kind of rambunctious as kids–always¬†roughhousing and “playing” wrestling, like WWF, with each other. I played make believe in […]

Are You Faux Real?

We all know about faux fur and faux leather, but what is up with these “faux” pockets?¬† I keep buying clothes only to find out that my pockets are fake. Why does this even matter? Sometimes I just want to put my hands somewhere, you know, like, rest them on my butt. But (butt–ha), there’s […]